We take great pleasure in introducing you to the XIV Iberian International Business Conference (IIBC 2018), the conference that connects international business (IB) researchers from Spain and Portugal. We invite all researches interested in it to exchange and share their experiences and research results in a friendly and warm atmosphere.

The conference will take place on 25–26 October 2018 in Cádiz, Spain, and the event will be hosted by Faculty of Economics and Business.

With the main theme of Ploughing through winds: risk, governance, entrepreneurship and internationalization, this time, we want to pay special attention to international entrepreneurship and collaborative networks, calling for join efforts to understand how governance mechanisms can be developed which enhance risk control and create competitive advantage in international partnerships between SMEs. We also welcome papers on traditional IIBC topics. While most papers will, as a general rule, focus on cases set in Portugal and Spain, other cases and/or countries are welcome.

In this edition we are going to share our meeting with the IV Workshop on International Business. This Workshop is a forum for researchers and professionals interested in advancing their knowledge and understanding of business internationalization through the contrast, discussion and criticism of the papers and experience presented.

We expect that this joint celebration will enhance both meetings, offering opportunities to strengthen cooperation among Iberian IB researchers and to build an increasingly active IB research community as well as open links and relation with other professional and researches.

The conference proceedings will be published. At this moment, we are trading with some international journals to publish selected papers.

We look forward to seeing you at Cádiz.

Raquel Flórez y Jose M. Sánchez

It is a pleasure to inform you, that IIBC 2018 offer the option to publish the manuscripts presented in a special issue of Sustainability journal) and a special section of Spanish Accounting Review- SAR.

Sustainability – Open Access Journal (http://www.mdpi.com/journal/sustainability)

If you desire to participate in this issue, please contact with the guest editor Juan Manuel Ramon Jeronimo jmramjer@upo.es for additional information before the conference, or in person during the conference, or send your manuscript following the instructions of special issue. Up to 10 selected manuscripts presented in the conference would be published in this special issue, obtaining a 50 per cent reduction in the Article Processing Charges (APC). You could find more information at: http://www.mdpi.com/journal/sustainability/special_issues/SMEs_Innovation

Spanish Accounting Review - SAR


It is the international scholarly journal of the Spanish Association of Accounting Academics. Recently indexed in the Social Sciences Citation Index, it is an important arena for the development of accounting theory and practice in Europe.

Up to 6 selected manuscripts presented in the conference could be published in different issues of the journal as a part of the conference special section Papers are invited on managerial and financial accounting and auditing, including management control, corporate governance, ethical issues, financial management, risk management, as well as other accounting conference related topics.

If you desire to participate in this special conference section, please contact with the associated editor María Vélez Elorza maria.velez@uca.es for additional information before or during the conference. Manuscripts should be submitted following the editorial format guide via http://ees.elsevier.com/rcsar.

Important Dates:


The Conference Programme Committee has received several inquiries about moving the submission deadline for the 14th Conference. The deadline has been moved a few weeks forward to the 13th of September.

  • 4 May

    Paper submisions opens

  • 13 September

    Submission deadline (full papers)

  • 14 September

    Registration opens

  • 30 September

    Notification of acceptance

  • 10 October

    Early-bird registration deadline

  • 25 October

    Late registration deadline


  1. MNE in a transforming world.
  2. Internationalization of firms and markets-the case of CEE markets.
  3. Developments in IB theory.
  4. FDI and foreign market entry-strategies, policies and new trends.
  5. International marketing.
  6. SMEs and International entrepreneurship.
  7. Location and IB.
  8. Digitalization and IB.
  9. MNC strategy and organization.
  10. International risk, accounting and corporate governance.
  11. Knowledge management and innovation.
  12. International HRM and cross-cultural issues.
  13. Networking and relationships.
  14. Teaching IB.

XIV Iberian Internacional Business Conference
The conference will take place on 25–26 October 2018 in Cádiz, Spain, and it will be hosted by the Faculty of Economic and Business of the University of Cádiz.
Participants will enjoy opportunities to present their latest research findings, new research ideas and projects in the friendly and warm atmosphere of Cádiz.
For more information: catedra.extenda@uca.es